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Kennel Kare SC (Super Concentrate)

This super concentrated Parvocidal / Bactericidal / Virucidal formula is three products packed into one bottle.  Kennel Kare SC is the #1 cleaner, disinfectant and deodorizer recommended by cage and kennel manufacturers because it is non-corrosive to all surfaces.  Plus, Kennel Kare SC is safe to use on all types of floors !  This means Kennel Kare SC is the ONLY Veterinary Hospital and Kennel Cleaner / Disinfectant / Deodorizer needed to clean your entire facility from floor to ceiling. 

* Ask me how Kennel Kare (SC) Super Concentrate replaces all of the products you currently use on exam tables, cages, kennels, walls and all floor types with a use cost as low as .16 cents per ready-to-use gallon.

Compared to Roccal-D R


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Kennel Kare SC Gallon
  • Kennel Kare SC 5 gallon pail
  • Kennnel Kare SC spraying cat  cage.
  • Spraying  exam table with a foaming trigger sprayer
  • Kennel Kare SC spraying exam table
  • Spraying cat cage with a foaming trigger sprayer
  • Kennel Kare SC spraying exam table

Kennel Kare SC (Super Concentrate) Description

Kennel Kare SC is a stable product that will not lose its efficacy when mixed with water.  It was designed to be used in veterinary hospitals, zoos, equine farms, pet shops, kennels, grooming establishments and all animal care facilities.   

For hospital grade cleaning / disinfecting and all floor types: use ½ oz. of Kennel Kare SC with 1 gallon of water.  

For parvocidal cleaning / disinfecting all other washable surfaces: use 2 oz. of Kennel Kare SC with 1 gallon of water.

*Ask me how to use our metered dispensing systems to accurately deliver ready-to-use products and control consumption.

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F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Why Kennel Kare SC? A.    Kennel Kare SC is easy to dilute properly without the risk of bleach or the handling of dangerous powders.  Q.  What does it smell like? A.   Kennel Kare SC has a light lemon scent however; it does not smell like citrus or Pine-sol.

Q.  Where should I use Kennel Kare SC? A.  Kennel Kare SC is the one product approach to clean your entire facility from top to bottom.  It is safe to use to clean, disinfect and deodorize all washable surfaces like your exam tables, cages, kennels, floors and walls.  Q.  Do I have to clean before using Kennel Kare SC? A.    No, you simply remove any bulk matter, apply Kennel Kare SC, rinse it away and wipe the surface dry. Q.  Why do I have to rinse it? A.    We recommend rinsing any cleaner; for a surface to be truly clean it must be free of all contaminates.  If germs were as big as cockroaches, after you killed them you would want to clean them away. Q.  How long do I have to leave it on and why? A.    The EPA requires leaving all disinfectants on for a 10 minute contact time to kill or inactivate different strains of bacteria, viruses, and fungus.  Kennel Kare SC is a sanitizer at 60 seconds. Q.  Can I use it on stainless steel? A.    Yes, Kennel Kare SC is ideal for cleaning stainless steel at the 2 oz. per gallon ratio because it will not corrode, streak or void the manufacturer’s warranty. Q.  Can I use it on the floors? A.    Kennel Kare SC can be used on all washable hard, nonporous surfaces such as floors, kennel runs, exam tables, countertops, grooming tables, synthetic turf or anywhere the risk of cross contamination exists.  When used at the recommended dilution rate of ½ oz. per gallon; it will not violate the manufacturer’s warranty for rubberized floors nor corrode, streak, haze, strip or leave a sticky floor behind. Q.  I mixed Kennel Kare SC in a bucket for mopping today, how long is it good for? A.    Kennel Kare SC is a stable product so when it’s mixed with water it will not lose efficacy (ability to kill germs).  You can mix it now and use it weeks later; only changing the solution when the water is visibly dirty. Q.  Is it as effective against mold and mildew? A.    At ½ oz. per gallon of water, Kennel Kare SC will effectively inhibit the growth of mold and mildew and the odors caused by them when applied to hard, nonporous surfaces. Q.  Is Kennel Kare SC pet friendly or do I have to remove the animal before spraying it? A.    We recommend removing the animal before performing any cleaning to reduce the stress level on the animal.  When the stress level is up, the defenses of the immune system are down.  Q.  Is it safe to use Kennel Kare SC in the toilet, pipes, holding tanks or septic system? A.    Yes, Kennel Kare SC is effective in a moderate amount of soil. It is safe to use on washable hard, nonporous surfaces like toilet bowls, walls, shower stalls, and urinals. Q.  What does it kill? A.    Kennel Kare SC is the newest EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant cleaner at a ½ oz. per gallon dilution.  In addition to that, at the 2 oz. dilution rate it is a Parvocidal disinfectant cleaner. Q.  Is it as effective as Roccal? A.    Kennel Kare SC has all the same EPA testing claims as Roccal.  However, Kennel Kare SC is considerably less expensive when compared to Roccal.  Using Kennel Kare SC will save time and money and does not stain your grout or floors or streak stainless steel like Roccal.  In addition, Kennel Kare SC is lightly fragranced unlike Roccal which has an overwhelmingly strong medicinal smell.
  1. Kennel Kare SC Review by Aaron L. Truax, DVM

    We switched to the Kennel Kare SC product by Health Technology just over a year ago and we couldn’t be happier. We are using the Mixing Center, which allows for correctly diluted solution for use in both a mop bucket and general cleaning in our spray bottles. We simply push one button and fill the mop bucket and another to fill our spray bottles. No mixing, no dilution questions, no spilling chemicals and most importantly my staff love the upgrade! I am also excited that with the dilution center we are also not wasting expensive chemical. Like it or not there is always the concept that if I put in a little and it works that a lot will work even better and this results in more cost and wasted chemical!
    We also have the foam sprayer attachment for the hose in our kennel area. It allows us to spray the doors, walls, grates, etc and see exactly where we have been by coating them with the foam. This really helps to ensure we have completely disinfected the surfaces. Again, the staff love this sprayer because it is quick, easy and they can tell exactly what has been done. For me, I also like it because I can be confident that the disinfection process is complete.
    Overall the Kennel Kare SC system has helped to: cut our chemical costs (both through decreased loss and inappropriate dilution), enhance our confidence in our disinfection process and has gone a long way in the staff taking a much more active role in cleaning, disinfecting and disease management.

    Thanks Health Technology,

    Aaron L. Truax, DVM
    Bellevue Animal Hospital
    (Posted on 11/1/12)

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